About Me

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I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 1998-07-20. Ever since I was little I used to be eager to talk about various interesting facts and share it with people and I used to love cars, motorcycles which I never got bored to specify them to people.I also was very interested in technology like mobile phones, laptops since an early age which turned out to become a hobby.

A few years ago I decided to focus on my hobbies by writing articles, blogs and started sharing with people on which now I want to excel in. I want to update people, like you on amazing, interesting facts and entertaining feeds and I also want to inform people about technology, investment, gadget price,auto specs and many more .

I gave S.L.C in kathmandu and I completed physics in high school and now I am studying IT(Information Technology).

Well, that was a little bit of info about me!